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I’ve enjoyed dabbling in the arts since I was a kid, and my career enabled me to be happily immersed in a realm where graphic design, communication, and technology intersected. Once I retired in 2018, it was inevitable that I’d take a deeper dive into the arts.


Propelled by my wanderlust, I’ve been inspired by stunning landscapes and bold colors in my travels: Mediterranean villages in the south of France; iconic cypress trees in Umbria; vibrantly painted houses in Stockholm; breathtaking architecture in Florence; compelling street scenes in Sienna; and deeply saturated colors in Roussillon, France, known for its ochre mines. 

Colorful characters intrigue me as well: nuns drinking from a stone fountain in Rome, a fruit-seller marketing his wares in Aix-en-Provence, a gondolier paddling the canals of Venice, a man wearing a vibrant purple velvet jacket toting his basket of produce through a French village, kids kayaking in the ocean.

I’ve also painted many iconic scenes in my hometown,  Cohasset, MA: brilliant sunsets over the harbor; Sandy Beach lifeguards in fire-engine-red bathing suits; hard-scrabble lobster boats. Such scenes, seemingly begging to come alive in a painting, offer me ongoing inspiration. I never cease to be amazed by the ongoing beauty, mystery, and inspiration—both near to and far from home.


I enjoy working with all mediums. Originally, I painted with watercolors, then sidestepped into the more saturated medium of oils—loving the “personalities” of each while facing their unique challenges. During the pandemic I plunged into pastels, intrigued by their vibrance and clarity. Bold strokes and intense colors provide an energy that excites and inspires me. I still enjoy all three mediums.


Most recently I completed a series of watercolors of scenes with beach umbrellas—plus a few restaurant awnings—from Massachusetts, Florida, California, and south of France, and Italy. Seriously, what’s more vibrant and joyful than a beach umbrella scene?           -Jane Widiger

ABOVE: Jane at a  Cohasset Open Studios exhibition

"I'm a member of Cohasset Open Studios, where I exhibit and sell my paintings at their annual July and November exhibitions.  I  particularly enjoy and am inspired by the insights, camaraderie, and generous collaboration of fellow COS artists."


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